The University of Arizona


What should you do if you find numerous unexplained sick or dead animals?

Call any of the following:

• Your Veterinarian (preferred)

• An ALIRT Certified Veterinarian or Extension Agent

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The Arizona State Veterinarian

            888-742-5334 option 5

The University of Arizona Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory


• Your local Arizona County Cooperative Extension Office

• Your local Arizona Department of Agriculture Livestock Office


What happens after initial contact is made?

A veterinarian will make a preliminary exam and, if necessary, will contact the ALIRT Committee


If warranted, what is the ALIRT response?

1.) Initial field investigations

2.) Evaluation of preliminary findings

3.) Review by the ALIRT Steering Committee

4.) Recommendations to minimize further effects on livestock


Who will respond?

The incident response team may include the UA Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Department of Animal Sciences, Cooperative Extension, Arizona Department of Agriculture Animal Services Division and other professionals in range, environment, wildlife or other specialized skills.


What does the producer need to do?

The producer needs to be available to offer assistance as requested and answer questions. It is important to compile a herd history with respect to health programs, pasture moves, supplementation, contact with outside livestock, etc. The Incident Report Sheet will help in collecting this information.


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