The University of Arizona


What is ALIRT?

ALIRT was designed to enhance the diagnosis of unexplained livestock deaths. The ALIRT goal is to decrease response time during an animal health crisis in order to minimize any economic or animal impact. Collection of critical information and timely, adequate laboratory analysis are often the keys to a successful diagnosis.


Who is ALIRT?

ALIRT is a cooperative effort between the Arizona Cattlemen's Association, the Arizona Department of Agriculture, the USDA, and the University of Arizona, including Cooperative Extension. A Coordinating Committee oversees the operation of the ALIRT Program. The Coordinating Committee is composed of representatives from the above listed organizations as well as Arizona Game and Fish.


What does ALIRT Cover?

The program covers the cost for an ALIRT trained private veterinarian to conduct a ranch visit and investigate an unusual livestock disease event. This includes costs for sample collection and laboratory costs for sample analysis. ALIRT also covers the cost for additional expertise such as range specialists or poisonous plants experts.


ALIRT Limitations

ALIRT is not designed to respond to normal production animal events or to replace the normal responses between producers and veterinarians.




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