Undergraduate Program Majors

The School of Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences houses three undergraduate majors; Animal Sciences, Veterinary Science and Microbiology.

Veterinary Science - A major in Veterinary Science provides students with a solid foundation in modern and advanced biology with an applied focus on the health and welfare of animals. It is utilized by pre-vet and pre-med students as well as by students who plan to pursue graduate school or employment right after graduation.

Microbiology - A major in Microbiology provides a solid foundation in modern biology with an applied focus on microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, parasites, protozoans, etc. Given the focus on microbes, students learn about infectious diseases and how microbes interact with their environment and their host organisms. The major is utilized by pre-med, pre-vet, pre-pharm, and pre-health students as well as by students who plan to pursue graduate school or employment following graduation.

Animal Sciences - The Animal Sciences degree encompasses a wide range of animal science and industry areas of study including food safety, equine or dairy production, industry and production animal systems, marketing, research and utilization of animals in agriculture, entertainment and companionship.

The Animal Sciences major also offers different degree options within the major, allowing students to specialize their degree to fit their individual interests and career goals.

  • Industry - The Industry Option is designed to prepare students for a wide variety of careers in livestock production, agribusiness and management.  Students have 2 paths to chose from: Business/Production or Food Safety. The Business/Production curriculum combines the core animal science courses, such as nutrition, anatomy and physiology, with a sampling of classes in agriculture economics, agriculture marketing, business management, communications, leadership and personal development.  The Food Safety pathway with-in the Industry Option provides the science and industry curriculum needed for a wide array of positions in this field.
  • Equine - The Equine Option prepares students to work in the management, production and business segments of the equine industry by offering students animal science classes focused specifically on horses, such as horsemanship, equine nutrition and equine reproduction.
  • Race Track Industry (RTIP) - Is the first and only program of its kind in the country. RTIP is dedicated to preparing students for careers in the professional racing industry. Two emphasis paths are offered–business or animal management. Details can be found at www.ua-rtip.org.
  • Science and Pre-Professional - The Science and Pre-Professional option pairs the core animal science classes taught about all livestock with a group of science intensive courses, such as biochemistry, organic chemistry and physics.  Within the Sci & Pre-Prof. option there are two pathways offered, equine and general. The Sci and Pre-Prof option is a great choice for students preparing to pursue a graduate level degree as well as careers in science and research-related fields.