Transfer Student Information

Transfer Student Information p
30 January 2012 - 3:01pm — VSMDev

A maximum of 64 credits of community college course work may be applied to a bachelor’s degree program at The University of Arizona. The choice of the 64 units is at the discretion of the student in consultation with an advisor.

As a University of Arizona student you will be required to complete a total of  120 credits for this degree  This includes a minimum of approximately 45 credits in the major, of which at least 42 must be upper-division (300-400 level courses), and 30 taken in residence at the UA.  Of the final 30 units taken, 18 of them must be from the University of Arizona.  A minor is not required for this program.

Please note that this information is for guidance and it is highly recommended that students consult with an academic advisor.