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An S 380

University of Arizona Courses

  • ACBS 102 R - Introduction to Animal Science (Fall Semester)
  • ACBS 102 Lab - Introduction to Animal Science Laboratory (Fall and Spring Semester)
  • ACBS 202 - Introduction to Livestock Production (Spring Semester)
  • ACBS 380 - Food Safety and Microbiology (Fall Semester and First Summer Session)
  • ACBS 420/520 - Meat Animal Composition (Spring Semester)
  • ACBS 477 - Beef Resource Management (Spring Semester)
  • Additional Courses
    • Independent Study
    • Internships

For more information on available undergraduate and graduate programs in Food Safety at the University of Arizona visit the School of Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences web page at http://www.acbs.cals.arizona.edu.

An S 420/520An S 102An S 102