ACBS Seminar Series

Spring Semester, 2017
Seminars are 4-5pm Mondays in ENR2 room S225.

Seminars can be viewed live at (unless specified, seminars will not be recorded or archived)

*** Date Speaker Title Introduced By
  Jan 23 Dr Cyprianna Swiderski, Mississippi State Equine pasture Asthma: Evidence for a severe Asthma model Fiona
  Jan 30      
Special Seminar: Wed at 3pm Feb 1 Dr Wendy Davis The Race Track Industry Program’s Place in the Future of Racing. Bob Collier
Special Seminar: Tuesday at 3pm Feb 7 Dr Eric Halstrom TBA Bob Collier
Special Seminar: Wed at 3pm Feb 8 Dr Lenny Shulman Pegasus World Cup Invitational -- Boon Or Boondoggle? Bob Collier
  Feb 13 Ross Monasky EPEC induced epithelial cell death Vedantam/Viswanathan
  Feb 20 Gustavo Pinoargote Effect of Probiotics against Early Mortality Syndrome in Shrimp Dr. Sadhana Ravishankar
  Feb 27 Chelsea Adamson Ridinilazole: A novel antibiotic against Clostridium difficile Vedantam/Viswanathan
  Mar 6 Farhan Anwar Elements of Clostridium difficile disease. Vedantam/Viswanathan
Special Seminar: Wed at 3pm Mar 8 Dr Arvind Varsani, ASU TBA Koenraad Van Doorslaer
  Mar 13 Spring Break
  Mar 20 Kylie Smith Molecular Characterization of Functional Cryptosporidium Glycoproteins Mike Riggs
  Mar 27 Caroline Foy Hepatic Lipids: Hyperinsulinemia, Insulin Resistance, and Hypertension Ben Renquist
  Apr 3 Lindsay Rasmussen The reproductive effects of the phthalate substitute acetyl tributyl citrate on the female CD-1 mouse Zelieann Craig
  Apr 10 Melissa Davis Fetal programming of type 2 diabetes: the role of catecholamines Sean Limesand
  Apr 17 Yafei Xu Regulation of LXR and SREBF2 signaling and their effects on steroidogenesis in human luteal cells Randy Bogan
  Apr 24 Victoria Lowe Early weaning calves and it's effects on two and three year old cows reproductive performance Dan Faulkner