Duarte Diaz

Associate Professor and Dairy Extension Specialist

Agricultural Research Center
4101 N. Campbell Ave.

Research focuses on the effects of mycotoxins on mayor agricultural species, their occurrence and mitigation strategies.


Ph.D. North Carolina State University
M.S. North Carolina State University
B.A. Jacksonville University

Dr. Duarte Diaz joined the School of Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences in 2015. Prior to joining the University of Arizona he worked in the private sector in several roles including research and development and technical service and was an Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist at Utah State University.

Research Interests

Nutritional Toxicology

Molds are ubiquitous in nature and as a result they are frequently found in agricultural commodities utilized as livestock feeds. These molds can produce harmful compounds called mycotoxins. In order to maximize livestock production, exposure to anti-nutritional factors, i.e. mycotoxins, should be minimized. Our efforts are geared to 1) better understand their occurrence in different feedstuffs particularly by understanding the relationship between molds, plants and the environmental conditions which often trigger their production 2) increase the knowledge on the effects of these toxins on animal performance, particularly by studying their effects on immune response, gut health, oxidative stress and target organ damage 3) identity exposure biomarkers for the utilization as both clinical tools and for investigation of mitigation strategies.

Dairy Management

The state of Arizona ranks nationally as number twelve in total milk production, number two in average herd size, and in the top 3 in milk production per cow. Therefore, the nearly 100 dairy producers in the state average almost 2,000 high producing cows per farm. The management of operations of this size and complexity is an important part of their profitability. As the dairy extension specialist Dr. Diaz job is to provide relevant and current extension programs to the dairy producers of the state. This includes educational activities that are broad-based in nature, but specifically impact decision-making ability at the farm level. It also includes research and graduate programs that help answer relevant questions in the industry.

Selected Publications

  • Mycotoxin Blue Book, Duarte E. Díaz (editor), Nottingham University Press, UK, 2005
  • Piva, G. Casadei, G. Pagliuca, E, Cabassi, F. Galvano, M. Solfrizzo, R.T. Riley, D.E. Diaz. “Inability of activated carbon to prevent the toxicity of culture material containing fumonisin B1 when fed to weaned piglets” J. Animal Sci. 2005 83:1939-1947
  • M. Moschini, F. Masoero, A. Gallo, D. Diaz. Mucosal absorption of aflatoxin B1 in lactating dairy cows. Ital. J. Anim. Sci. 2010 6:324-326
  • L.M. Nemec, J.D. Richards, C.A. Atwell, D.E. Diaz, G.I. Zanton and T.F. Gressley. Immune responses in lactating Holstein cows supplemented with Cu, Mn, and Zn as sulfates or methionine hydroxyl analogue chelates. J. Dairy Sci. 2012 95:4568-4577
  • D.E. Diaz, L.W. Whitlow, W.M. Hagler Jr. Mycotoxins in Feedstuff Reference Issue and Buyers Guide. 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Courses Taught: 
ABS 472/572 - Advanced Dairy Management