Fiona McCarthy

Associate Professor
(520) 626-2875
ACBS, Rm. 102A

1117 E. Lowell St.

Her current research interest focuses on bioinformatics and genomics.

B.Sc – University of Queensland
B.Sc Hons (Genetics) – University of Queensland
Ph.D (Virology) – University of Queensland
Associate Professor
School of Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences
University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona 85721
(520)621-7321(voice), (520)626-5602(fax)
Research Interests
Trained in molecular biology and virology, my current research interest focuses more on bioinformatics and genomics. I am a co-founder and current PI of AgBase, a database that provides functional annotation, tools and support for agricultural researchers dealing with large scale data sets that they wish to functionally model. As part of this work, we provide Gene Ontology (GO) data to the GO Consortium for several agricultural species, foremost amongst them chicken, cow and cotton. Other bioinformatics, biocuration and genomics projects include providing standardized chicken gene nomenclature; looking at tissue specific expression in chicken using transcriptomics, proteomics and proteogenomic mapping; developing genomic resources for alligator, crocodile and gharial genome projects; identification and functional analysis of chicken miRNAs; and developing new visualization interfaces for pathways analysis. I am also affiliated with BIO5 and working to develop tools for functional annotation and analysis that can be deployed to the iPlant/iAnimal platform. I am interested in developing better resources for analysis of host-pathogen interactions in disease.
Courses Taught
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Lab Members
In Arizona:
Amanda Cooksey - Research Technician
Ken Pendarvis - Research Technician
In Mississippi:
Teresia Buza – Postdoctoral Associate
Cathy Gresham – Database Manager
Lakshmi Pillai - Research Technician (Biocurator)
Hui Wang - Research Technician (Biocurator)
Carole Nail - Research Technician (Biocurator)
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