Peder Cuneo

Professor and Veterinary Extension Specialist
621-2356 Ext. 19
AZ Veterinary Diagnostic Lab

2831 N. Freeway

Cuneo focuses on production veterinary medicine, with an emphasis on improving reproductive performance of cattle and post weaning health performance.

DVM University of California Davis 1979
Extension Veterinarian
University of Arizona
Arizona Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
2831 North Freeway
Tucson, Arizona 85705
Phone (520) 621-2356, ext 19
Fax (520) 626-8696
Research Interests  
Production veterinary medicine, with emphasis on improving reproductive performance of cattle and post weaning health performance. Special interest in emerging diseases and foreign animal disease and there interaction with public information and policy. Field investigations through the AzVDL. Welfare issues of production livestock.
International Experience:
Mexico (small ruminant and beef cattle)
Russia    (dairy production)
Egypt (dairy production/beef production) dairy cattle and water buffalo
Courses Taught 
VSC 405    Principals of Livestock Health Management
VSC 399    Independent Study "The Calving Class"
Selected Publications
ALIRT Field Manual Ed 1-4 (2004-2009)
ALIRT First Responders Manual Ed 1 (2004)

Whitney, T. W., Glenn Duff, Peder Cuneo, David Henderson, David Schafer, Dennis Hallford, Robert Collier, and Paula Gentry. 2006. Effects of weaning programs on serum metabolites and hepatic IGF-1 mRNA of first calf heifers or mature cows. J Food Agric. Envir. 4(2):49-53. 2006

Sprinkle, JE, Cuneo, SP, Frederick, HM, Enns, RM, Schaer, DW, Carstens, GE, Daugherty, SB, Noon, TH, Rickert, BM, and Reggiardo, C: Effects of a long-acting trace mineral, reticulorumen bolus on range cow productivity and trace mineral profiles.  Journal of Animal Science, 84:1439-1456, 2006

Vladez, KE, Cuneo, SP, and Turzill, AM: Regulation of apoptosis in the atresia of dominate bovine follicles of the first follicular wave following ovulation.  Society for Reproduction and Fertility 130 71-81 2005

Courses Taught: