2021 Strategic Plan


The School of Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences (ACBS) brings together animal scientists, veterinarians, microbiologists and others to offer the strongest possible programs in research, education and outreach. This school was formed in order to offer more integrated research and educational opportunities in the animal and biomedical sciences.


  • To provide and promote education, research, extension and service in the animal, veterinary, and microbiological sciences
  • To provide support and leadership in Arizona in the areas of biomedical sciences in the areas of Animal health and disease and to integrate these objectives with the broader goal of improving human health

2021 Vision


  • Enhancing curriculum and “hands‐on” instruction whereby students served by our school can be the most competitive and prepared in their respective industries
  • Creation of a ‘One‐Health’ Professional Veterinary Degree Program


  • A vibrant research community that seamlessly integrates findings across the spectrum of animal and human health and disease
  • Provide research findings that can be applied to improve and increase production efficiency
  • Conduct research that can be translated to drive the advancement of applied biomedical science


  • Continue to provide leadership and education to animal agriculture
  • Extension programs that convey the findings from our research to communities
  • Enhance our diagnostic capabilities
  • Continue to grow the areas of food products and food safety


  • To serve society by delivery of quality education programs to students and the general public
  • Engage in basic and applied research
  • Provide leadership through extension, outreach and service activities

Shared Values: We value

  • Promoting health in animals and humans (“One Health”)
  • Delivery of effective educational programming
  • Creating and maintaining research programs that meet the needs of the community
  • Generating financial resources
  • Collegiality